A Doll's House

A Doll's House

describe nora's attitude toward her children in act one.what did it show about her?

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In Act I, we first see Nora's interaction with the children when their nurse shows them in. Her greeting to the children is warm and exuberant, she happy to see them. While indulging in a game of hide and seek, Nora plays like one of the children. She crawls under tables, growls and is an active part in the game. None-the-less, when Krogstad knocks and enters the room, the game abruptly stops, and Nora sends the children out to the nurse and speaks to Krogstad. When her children re-enter the room, Nora tells them not to mention Krogstad’s visit to Torvald. She also reneges on her earlier promise to play with them, shooing them away.