A Christmas Carol

Why did Scrooge hate Christmas?

I know some reasons, but what is the main reason why Scrooge hats Christmas, his family, and other people?

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Scrooge's identity was very much defined by his own solitary life. Christmas is a time for relationships, sharing, family, and merriment. Scrooge lacked all these things in his life. Although he may not have admitted or understood this, Christmas made his isolation that much more intense.

As a boy, Scrooge was abandoned by his father, who blamed him for the death of his mother (she died giving birth to Ebenezer), and during the Christmas season, while the other children went home to be with family, young Ebenezer was left on his own at school. As he got older he began to crave money, and valued only that. Love was only important if it made financial sense...which cost him his only true love. He even began to look down on "old-Fessiwig" who loved Christmas and celebrated it with all the enthusiasm of a child..but Scrooge thought he was foolish. He became increasingly consumed with money, and Christmas, the ultimate symbol of "giving" and love, was nothing but foolish time that caused poor people to be happy and grateful for what they had (Ebenezer thought this was stupid because in his mind they had nothing). Christmas became the enemy of everything he thought had any real importance (making money, saving money, greed).

Scrooge didn't really like Christmas cause at Christmas Time his girlfriend Belle broke up with him because he was only focused on his money and he was focused on her.

yes he did not like chrishmas beacuse he was mean and ot helped the poor



Because he hate to give people money cause he is a miser and he only care for money. When the year pass he gets sad because he didn't get richer.