A Christmas Carol

What message did Marley's ghost give Ebenezer Scrooge??

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Marley's ghost has come to tell Ebenezer that he can escape his (Marley's) fate, and that three spirits will be visiting to show him the way.

“That is no light part of my penance,” pursued the Ghost. “I am here to-night to warn you, that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate. A chance and hope of my procuring, Ebenezer.”


A Christmas Carol

Marley came to bring enlightenment to Scrooge surrounding his misanthropy and an almost juxtaposing sense of hope that its not too late for him to "escape" Marleys fate. Marley is an example of prosopopoeia (dead that can talk to the living) so for him to come and see Scrooge, firstly, he is clearly not restful in his afterlife as he "carrys the chains he forged in life" so he obviously sees it as important to aid his friend Scrooge into not forfilling his fate once again. secondly, he feels that scrooge needs to make a change and obtain sympathy and aknowledgement of the lower classes and therefore avoid Marleys unrestful and iscolated fate.