A Christmas Carol

Using complete sentences explain the lesson that scrooge learns from each spirit

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The first spirit takes Tom back to his childhood..... the good, the bad, and the best. He is able to see his loneliness and feel the love of his sister. He loved.... and he was loved.

The second spirit illuminates Scrooge to his present life. Scrooge sees the way people feel about him, talk about him.... the way many are justified in being angry at him. He's made aware of his greed and miserly actions, his selfishness, and the way his actions effect others.

The third spirit shows Scrooge his future. The solitary death, the distinct lack of grief, and even the happiness of those who will no longer be badgered by debts to a man who will take all they own. He sees the death od someone he might have helped.... and all of the things he could have made better.


A Christmas Carol