A Christmas Carol

Theme Research paper!

Help me with research paper.

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You're such a turd.

I think you are right but very often when the students get down to work they face such a problematic issue as controversial research paper topics.

If you really need any type of editing service related to educational writing simply use the GradeSaver editing service.

Here's a novel idea . . . WRITE YOUR OWN PAPER!!!!

Asking for a little advice or some ideas on a forum like this is a good way to get started, but buying an essay is NOT.

This is GradeSaver Admin. We agree completely with Coco that you should first write your own paper and second avoid the paper mills that provide essays for a fee. We offer editing services only after a student has created a rough draft, and primarily to help students who do not have access to teachers or parents who can help them improve their work. GradeSaver does not write or add content.

We also have essays available on some ClassicNotes. These are for research only, and should be cited correctly if you choose to use any ideas or citations from them. Most are research essays from which you can use the bibliographies if you are looking for additional research material for your own essay.

can someone actually answer the question lol