A Christmas Carol

scrooge asked the spirit to show him someone who felt emotion at the mans death. describe the person the spirit showed him and what emotions the person had about the mans death

christmas carol

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I'm thinking you mean his own death. Nobody really cared too much. His business friends dismissed him as having money but of not any importance to anybody.

Scrooge ask the spiritto show him someone who feels emotions for the dead man. Describe what he is shown and signoficance of their emotion

After witnessing the callous and harsh attitude of the people at the resale shop towards the dead man, Scrooge anxiously wants to know if there is someone who has some emotions at the dead man's death. The ghost takes him to one of his debtors' house where he and his wife discusses about his death. The emotions they depict are: happiness and relief (as after the death of their creditor they do not have to worry about the debt that is due in the near future until the next successor). Although, they are embarrassed for being glad to learn about his death, thus show that they feel sorry and pray for him, but their first emotions are real.