A Christmas Carol

Fans Death

On what page does it state that Fan dies from childbirth in 'A Christmas Carol'?

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We are not told that Fan dies in childbirth. We are only told that she died a woman, and that she was mother to one child.

"Always a delicate creature, whom a breath might have withered," said the Ghost. "But she had a large heart!"

"So she had," cried Scrooge. "You're right. I will not gainsay it, Spirit. God forbid!"

"She died a woman," said the Ghost, "and had, as I think, children."

"One child," Scrooge returned.

"True," said the Ghost. "Your nephew!"

Scrooge seemed uneasy in his mind; and answered briefly, "Yes."

Unfortunately, my etext doesn't have page numbers, so I cannot help you with that part of your question.


A Christmas Carol