A Christmas Carol

Describe the first place the second spirit took scrooge.

What was the first place that the ghost of christmas present took scrooge on their part of the story.

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They began by visiting the streets of London, where they saw people happily shoveling their walks, scraping the ice from their thresholds and roofs of their homes. Little boys were playing; shopkeepers selling their wares, and the aroma of cinnamon, blends of tea and dinners filled the air. They ducked into the baker's, they watched, and they listened.

The people were joyous, bustling around, flocking to the church in their Sunday best with their gayest faces. Even momentary anger quickly faded away from those jostled a bit to hard by the crowds that hurried through the streets. The atmosphere was jovial, and then they moved onto the suburbs, to Scrooge's clerks home.......... to peek in on the Cratchits.


A Christmas Carol/ Stave 3