A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens was famous for his social commentary about problems in British society, Toward the end of the stave, what evidence do you find that shows his concern for disadvantaged people?

I just need your opion.

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Which stave are you referring to?

Although the word “Stave”creates ambiguity, we can clearly envisage that we could answer from an overall point of view of the book, which would be a holistic approach.

i would start with an introduction of how Scrooge was in Stave 1 - where he is not only illtreating his employees, but he also insults his nephew, as well as the men on the street who ask for donations for the poor. From a man of as poor a caliber as that, he rises to be almost a paragon of virtues by the end of the novel. I would also mention the most influential spirit - “Ghost of the Christmas Yet to Come!”