2001: A Space Odyssey Background

2001: A Space Odyssey Background

The novel 2001: A Space Odyssey was written by Arthur C. Clarke in the year 1968. The novel is the result of the collective effort of both Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick but only Clarke appears as the author of the book.

The novel is based on a short story published by Clarke entitled Sentinel of Eternity published in 1951. The story was modified and fused with other ideas and it developed into the novel 2001: A space Odyssey.

The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey appeared in the year 1968 and the novel was written at the same time when the movie was filmed. In 1982, a sequel of the book was published and a few years later, the book was made into a movie as well. Two other books followed but they were not adapted to film. The novel offers a background story to the main events that take place in the year 2001 and it main themes focuses on the advantages and dangers of using technology, space travel and artificial intelligence. Human-like robots and other technological developments are not always portrayed as being positive and are presented as putting the life of the average humans in danger.

Most of the action taking place in the novel happens in space and in the future imagined by the author, the human body is also affected by the new developments in such a way that there is a big difference between those who lived on earth and those who were raised in space.

While there are some differences between the movie and the novel, both are considered classics. Clarke is acclaimed for his work both as a screenplay writer and as a novel author.

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