2001: A Space Odyssey

Best Book Evah!

This is seriously one of the greatest books I have ever read, second only to Ender's Game. You guys really need to read it, but make sure you DO NOT watch the movie, because it will make no sense to you.

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I prefer Ender's Game. It had a much more interesting set of characters with all the kids of different nationalities, and the sequels were pretty good. 2001 A Space Odyssey is actually pretty lame except for the ending where things start to get interesting.

I read the book a while ago. I LOVED IT. Best sci-fi book ever. i liked Ender's games but this is a 2001 forum. If you did not like this book you do not truely understand the meaning. the sequels to 2001 are no where as good but 2010 was cool. Anyone who considers themselvs a sci fi fan must read this!!!!