Winston and Julia’s relationship as an example, is the Party right? What happens to Julia and Winston’s fear and obedience to the Party as their relationship develops?

Orwell, Part 1, Chapter 6

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As their relationship develops, Winston and Julia become more and more lax in their desire to be together. They not only break the law.... they flout the law.... allowing their emotions to override their good sense.



The two most basic desires are love and sex, and in George Orwell's 1984, these basic desires are looked down upon, unless it is to grow the party. Members of the outer party such as Winston and Julia want to rebel, but for different reasons. Julia does it because she has done it before, it’s almost a normal for her, but with Winston, he is in this so called relationship because it is a hope of his to overthrow the party. Julia is there to enlarge the thought and ideas of this hope. As their relationship develops they both become more careless with the things they do and say. Their love affair takes place in the apartment above Mr. Charrington’s antique shop. In this small apartment there were no telescreens, so Winston thought he was free to do anything at anytime, and get away with it. Before the relationship escaped to the point of making love and living there, Winston was solved that Julia was a member of the inner party trying to bust Winston for a crime, yet the note she slipped him reading “I love you” changed his whole perspective of her. She was now his key to fulfil his rebellious thoughts. During their love affair their fear of the party in a way, diminishes for a little bit. The thought of the party catching their actions doesn’t go through their head much until the voice behind the picture frame speaks. The relationship as a whole isn’t the party specifically. It is Winston chance to fuel his hope of over throwing the party, and for Julia there is apparent evidence that she is a part of the party, and was a spy, and the entire time it was all a setup to get Winston to cave. Julia was apart of the junior anti-sex league, and mysteriously her and Winston ended up in the same prole community, which lead me to believe it was all set up