Who is Big Brother? Who is Goldstein?

I've looked in the book for a while now, but I cannot seem to fing if BB is a real person or just made up by the party. I'm pretty sure that Goldstein was made up though...

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Winston doesn't believe that Big Brother is a real person. I believe Big Brother is a symbol for the Party. He is the epitome of the leader they wish to convey to the citizens of Oceania. As far as I know, Goldstein is a real person in the novel.

Big Brother

The symbol of Oceania and the Party, Big Brother is Oceania's supreme leader, and is omnipresent through telescreen projections, coins, and even large posters warning, "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU." Big Brother is theoretically one of the original founders of the Party and the Revolution, but Winston assumes he does not exist, will never age, and will never die. He is the mouthpiece of the Party, and the symbol all Party members worship.

Emmanuel Goldstein is the enemy of the Party. We learn that he was a traitor who taught sin to the people.



Okay, I know who they are. I've gone through the book enough times to know that much. I just need to know if they are made up people to represent a leader of both sides or if these are actual people. Well, actual people in the book of course,

Okay, thank you that really helps. So it is just sort of an unknown thing if Big Brother is real, everyone has different beliefs. Thanks. :]