what to the parsons represent?

chapter 2

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Sad and completely under the control under the Party.

The parsons represent a normal family within the society, in which the parents fear their own children.

Mr. Parsons is a walking drone of the party. He represents the ignorant members of the outer party who ask no questions.

Mrs. Parsons is the sad refuse the Party has made out of mothers who have no control of their kids. Mrs. Parsons is old beyond her years and has ceased to mean anything to her family, the Party or to herself.

The children are simply extensions of the aggressive ideology of the Party.

The Parsons represent a family in which the children are very powerfull, and willing to denounce anyone to the police whom they think unorthodox toward the party in any way, it's not due to the children in this family but to the way they are brought up, in particular by their father and by the school and a youth organization they are in, named the Spies, their father is a real orthodox party-follower, to my feeling it's not even his own fault, he is really an uncritical guy toward the party and loves the party enormously, and whish to live according to its principles as much as is possible for him and certainly for his family, the mother, Mrs. Parsons really to my feeling is a nice woman, but she in any way is afraid of her own children, because I think she already knows that her children might one day denounce her husband, herself, or anyone else she loves or cares about to the police, I think that's the main reason why she is depresssed, the party really has a strong grip on children in general, and the children in general are very much 'in love' with the party, and wish to do whatever is possible for them to please the party!