What is its sociological concept?

What does it promote in sociological aspect?

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The book itself has such huge sociological implications that I would not to know where to begin. Free will, state surveillance, thoughts, and forced conformity are just a few ideas you can begin with. This is only a short answer forum space.

Now i get it.. thanks btw

-The Sociological Concept is the most smallest unit in building the Sociological theory .

-Uusally the Structure of the Sociological Theory Contained Concept , its relations leads to Sociological Understanding for the Socail Fact .

- always there are relations between the Sociological Concepts , its may be Logical , or historical or any other type of relations .

For example : the word " Social Class " is sociological Comcept , nut its doesnt mean anything by its self , its means something in the Sociological Meaning because its belong to the Marxism , so when its related to the other Marxism concept like " Conflict " and " Revelution "

and so on its going to be Sociological Concept ...because its means sociological meaning in its place .

- usually the main Function of any theory is : Understanding the society based on scientfic Condtions gives the Theory its ability and Limitations where its may do something in its area of scientfic understanding (as its leavel between the other theories , and the Facts whats its deals with it ,

and the type of data whats its requirng to do its work ..and so on ) .

- So , the collective of the Sociological Concepts , and its relations together are the thing what build the theory , and whats give it its meaning to analyze , to understand the social fact , and to predict the futuer of the social phenomena .

- simply , its the smallest unit in the sociological theory .


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