what could be a good 600 word essay for "how can i keep my community beautiful?"

bell gardens...

it didnt let me post it unless i wrote a category but this essay doesnnt have a category

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Yes, certainly from a design standpoint a lot of parks, great transit system, taxes to support clean city, gentrification (small businesses in residential neighbourhoods situated in houses)....

Start with what your community is like; what do you like about it, what are the things you wouldn't change, which things would you preserve. Then move onto what it takes to keep a community clean and well cared for......... start a community garden, schedule and organize clean up days........... plant flowers, find volunteers to make window boxes, and invite local businesses to take part in the beautifying process.

You could do a PHD thesis on this. I took some urban planning courses in university. There is so much to this question. You need to consider the socio-economic implications. Where will you put the street people for example? The methods in dealing with varying population and social pressures demand a healthy social and economic economy. Still green spaces are good. Streets that only allow walking are good. Getting rid of cars as much as possible also helps.

i need help starting it off can u help aslan plz?

If you are simply talking about your community (and not a big city) I would consider the rezoning of run down areas for something different. More park space is always good. I always maintain that the less cars the better. Walking only streets with specialty shops. Harsher laws for littering. Ethnic food vendors seem to add depth as well. Clean communities are all about people who care for their community. For this to happen, citizens have to have a vested interest in it.