what are all the setting points in the story and what do they all mean?

if you were writing an essay on the book, what places from the book would you use as setting and why?

thesis statement: In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the author uses the setting to imply that it is possible for a totalitarian government to change the political structure of the few that have nothing to believe in and can be easily manipulated, but it is impossible to control the human spirit of a population.

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Okay, consider Victory Mansions- bleak, decrepit, grey...

The Alcove- inside Winston's flat. Secret, safety...

The Chestnut Tree Café: counter culture, disreputable, dangerous

Community Center: Safe, brainless, boring, conformity

The Junk-shop: Charrington's shop. All kinds of things!!!

Ministry of Love: terrifying...

THese are just some you might use. You will have to narrow things down to suit your thesis.