what are some symbolism in 1984:Inner party, proles, winston diary, the paperweight, big brother,mr.parson,the children of the youth league, winston's mother,rats, dreams.

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Most of those are good symbols to discuss, but I would limit it to the diary, the paperweight (although this is iffy...), big brother, and the rats.

Obviously Big Brother is the most powerful symbol in 1984 given its dominance in everyone's mind throughout the novel.

The rats are another major symbol in the book because they relate to Winston's fears, and are the reason he eventually submits to Big Brother. Everyone in the novel has their own version of a "rat" that allows Big Brother to survive and dominate. In fact, you could even say that for most people Big Brother IS the rat, which explains why Winston is able to initially rebel. It is only after the Party discovers HIS "rat", i.e. fear causing agent, that they can regain dominance over him.

thanxs for the help but i was hoping someone might be able to give me some quotes from the book that i could use while i work on other sections of my project

The paperweight is a symbol of Winston and Julia's life in the upstairs room.

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