Rhetorical devices?

I need help finding examples of rhetoric in the latter half of the novel. Can someone help please?

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Need 15 rhetorical devices with quotes as examples and explanation. From 1984 by Orwell.

Look at The Book. It's loaded with rhetoric. The chapter that Winston reads is all about the contradiction of War is Peace.

How about the brand name Victory? Many places/prducts are called Victory, but none of them is high quality. The people are fooled into believing they are of high quality when they are not--like the cigarettes that fall apart.

More contradictions exist in the names of the Ministries. Every one is the opposite of its name. The Ministry of Truth is all about lies in the media; the Ministry of Peace is all about War.

The word ownlife is a hallmark of a free society, but considered a terrible aberration in Oceania.