QUESTIONS from book 1!

Generalize what the film Winston watched says about the party, how it controls the populace and how it views its citizens.

infer why Winston frightens himself when writing, "Down with Big Brother," in his diary and how he could be guilty of thought crime?

Describe Winstons family.

Examine what Winston does and does not find appealing in his dream.

Discuss how the party uses propoganda to slandr capitalism while promoting the partys control.

explain what a speakwrite is and how it works.

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Are you referring to the film when the "Jewess" and her child are blown up? This film was propaganda that was meant to entertain the outer party. The images are beyond disturbing and sadistic yet the outer party audience applauds them. This tells us just how much the outer party is brainwashed. The movie is sickening and, ironically, it takes a Prole woman to actually complain about it.

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