political and economic structure

What is the political and economic structure in the novel?

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In 1984, the political structure of the novel was a dystopian society. As well as the society being dystopian, the political structure was also a corrupted government. The reason the government was so corrupt, was because of the social caste system. Essentially, you had Big Brother at the top of the social chain. Then came the Inner and Outer Party. Next came the proles. Finally, came all other thought criminals including Goldstein and his rebel party. So, the fact that a social caste system exists, affects the way the political structure is. Which in the end, makes the overall political structure of 1984 to be full of corruption.

A possible economical structure of 1984 could be that since the government was a dictatorship, all trade, commerce, and sales, are to be controlled and regulated by the government. The reason why this could be a possible economical structure is because of the way the government runs things. For example, in a dictatorship, the dictator controls everything around him. In 1984, the government is primarily set up to be somewhat of a dictatorship. Therefore, the economic structure of 1984, is a severely limited and controlled economy due to its environment.