nature as setting

I have to write a paper on the difference between the nature and city settings and how it affects the characters. Any ideas?

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Look at the difference between the two settings. The city is gray, boring, inhibiting and uncreative. Whereas in the country, people can love, can have freedom, can choose and be alive. It is something to desire, the libedo of the physical world. What the city does to you, the country can take away and make well. It is the promised land, the area where people can be natural as animals and who they should be.

I agree with George and will add a few more ideas.

Oh--one more thing I forgot to mention, about clothing: Out in the Golden Country, Julia flings off her uniform.

Thanks, Coco. That's really helpful.

To my opinion nature is the really important thing in the novel for Winston and Julia, they enjoy being in the nature as they there might have some kind of privacy, that they in the city never will have, the city is a quite boring, uninteresting, unhealthy and certainly dangerous place for them!