lesson plan for 1984

does anyone know a good lesson plan to use for 1984?

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Here's an idea I've used in my classroom:

After the chapters on doublethink, switch a couple pieces of furniture in your room. Then ask, "Isn't it nice to know that we don't get fooled all the time? Isn't it nice to know that everything is the same today as yesterday?" Inevitably someone will comment on the new furniture arrangement. Insist that it has always been arranged this way. If anyone argues (and some will), shake your head as if they are crazy. Pretend you are just trying to make a point and they are spoiling it! When someone finally gives up, say GOTTCHA. This is exactly what Big Brother wants--people to say "whatever!"

I've also done this with an individual student by having someone else sit in his/her place and telling the rest of the class to insist that this has always been the seating arrangement. When the kid is alone with the "false" notion, that "Whatever!" moment comes quite quickly.