Historic Parallels?

I was wondering if there are many historic parallels in the novel, like I know for example comparisons can be drawn between the concept of unpersons/vaporization and the USSR, because it has been documented that various people who fall out of favour with the government have been vaporized. Are there any other things I'm missing?

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A well known parallel from 1984 is the "big brother is watching you" trend that has been increasing over the decades. As technology improves, so does the ability of the government to spy on its citizens. This came to a head in the states when Bush authorized wiretaps on foreign suspects, which some in Congress thought was illegal (that is up for debate on Constitutional grounds).

Another parallel is obviously the censorship or alteration of history - this obvious propaganda is heavily used by rogue states such as Venezuela or Iran to influence their people.


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Take a close look at the Catholic church. The expectation that people blindly follow BB and the notion of doublethink are very similar to Catholic teachings. BB = pope. Doublethink: one example is marriage annullments. The couple is considered never to have been married, yet any children from the union that wasn't are considered legitimate. Hmm.

Look at Bill Clinton. MANY people "mysteriously" disappeared or died during his tenure as governor and president. One (whose name I don't remember) supposedly died in a plane crash, yet his head had a bullet hole in it. Funny thing....