HELP!!! TKAM Chapters 12-17 Questions

  1. We see this illustrated in the character of Calpurnia. Why do you think that she acts and speaks differently when she is around her friends? Do you think that this is courageous or cowardice? Why?
  2. In addition, Atticus and Aunt Alexandria have clearly different perspectives on how a person should behave. How do their perspectives differ? Which perspective is more courageous? Why?
  3. Finally, when the plot progresses to the trial, further expectations of behavior are clearly set for the spectators. What are the expectations for the spectators and how do some spectators disregard them? Do you think that it was courageous or cowardly to go against the expectations of the court?
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You see what illustrated in the character of Calpurnia? Please provide addtional information. Also, your questions must be listed separately.