give an example of a relationship that is less than perfect and why it is continuedd regardless of its obvious negative influence

winstons and julias relationship

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Winston and Julia are not really alike. Winston is a 39 year old man who looks older than his age. He feels sick most of the time and fantasizes about being shot in the head. Julia is a good looking 26 year old woman who gets her kicks out of sneaking out and, so she says, having sex with Outer Party members. While Winston obsesses about the philosophical complexities of the Party, Julia just wants to keep on tricking the system and having sex. While Winston knows they "are the dead" (they will get caught) Julia thinks they can keep on playing their games with the Party. Why do they go on? Julia thinks its fun and Winston would rather feel pleasure or at least emotion for a little while than never feel it at all. In any case their relationship was doomed from the beginning.