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Hello to all and thank you in advance. I have a college essay on 1984 and would love some extra ideas to make my paper that much better.

My assignment is,

Our third project will focus on “Literary Analysis” in which you evaluate a theme, a short passage, or a concern from Orwell’s 1984 in light of some defined criteria such as memory, humanism, propaganda, eroticism, economics, etc.

I have decided to go with how strictly thought is controlled by The Party and its effects on memory.

So far I plan to talk about Newspeak, the Thought Police and the Ministry of Truth. I would greatly appreciate any ideas you think would help prove my point

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Along with Newspeak, take a good look at the language in general. The Ministry of Truth is in the business of telling lies; the Ministry of Love is all about punishment; etc. Many of the names are opposites of the actual thing being named. Victory gin and Victory cigarettes are yucky despite their names. The Party tells people they have a wonderful standard of living, but rubble is piled everywhere and hardly anyone has shoes.

Perhaps discuss the irony of the Party's failure to get all the way into people's heads: Even Parsons hates the Party and is caught saying "Down with Big Brother." If that guy is unhappy, then everyone must be.

Consider mentioning the Proles, whose language is not controlled and who seem to live pathetic lives, but they also seem happier than Party members. The woman who lives next door to the upstairs room sing happily as she hangs out the wash.

I hope this helps.

I need help writing a critical analysis that is due on may 11.

lauren g--a critical analysis of what? The novel itself? Or a particular element of the novel?

A novel is too big to tackle in its entirety. I'd suggest that you narrow your focus to one element, like thought control, or Winston's memories, or Orwell's use of language, or the Party's control of sexual behavior, or the class structure, or the similarities between the Party and the Catholic church. Once you have selected your focus, then you can dig into the details--and so can people here who are willing to help you.