In the book 1984 Orwell envisioned the division of the world into 3 unified states that were held together through tehnological controls.

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The Internet is certainly a technological "control."

You can also consider the post-september 11th world and how the US has responded by increasing surveillance on its citizens.

This can then be compared to Europe, which has been unifying for years, and how the EU continues to try to impose its powers on the individual countries, a slow but progressive move towards 1984's world view.

How about the "green" movement--EVERYONE is SUPPOSED to be reducing greenhous gases and conserving energy and recycling and all that . . . but how much effect has all this had on our environment. Besides, is EVERYONE on the planet really contributing? America has very high emission standards, but if the rest of the world is not limiting pollution, what good does it do?

Education is another one. Like the war that eats up a lot of resources without increasing standard of living, NCLB uses up a lot of resources without materially improving our children's knowledge and skills. In the novel, this waste is a concerted effort by the Party to keep the high high and the low low. Is the same thing happening with American education?

Well to me it seems that the world is loosely divided up into a kind of three states cold war reality. You have the ex-soviets (Eurasia), america and europe (Oceana) and the other asian countries (Eastasia). Nato (Oceana) is expanding into Eurasia from it's western frontiers as well as from Asia via Afghanistan. You have the proposed missile defence shields which really is just another Nato device against Eurasia (Russia) pretending to be something else. Iran does not have any missiles for us to defend against!

Just look at the thinly disguised continuation of the cold war in which the west continually undermines Russia through propaganda and expansion of the EU and Nato into the ex-soviet states. The war in Georgia where America has to involve itself: get the real story by researching it and you will have your essay! the Ukrainian elections and the squabbles over the gas-pipelines: these are all tug-of-war games between Eurasia and Oceana: lies and propaganda in the news.

Good luck!