Compare and contrast 1984 and Animal farm. Which do you think act as a more effective warning to a modern audience?

we have watched the movie 1984 and we also have read the book animal farm so i just need a little bit of help from the web on were i can start..

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I only saw the film 1984 once. All I remember is that Julia was always naked. The novel, however, is one of my favourites. To be sure both Animal farm and 1984 are dystopias. Orwell of course wrote both and the themes are very similar. The evils of totalitarianism or even socialism gone wrong are easy to spot. Big Brother and Napoleon seem cut from the same cloth. Both advocate that the proletariat are constantly being exploited. Orders, hence continually change under the guise of strength and solidarity. Every order and law is self-serving until power for its own sake can be the only explanation to put the common folk under such misery. Unlike 1984, Animal farm doesn't have a central protagonist. Animal Farm is an ensemble piece where misery is inflicted on many. In 1984 we get to know Winston quite well and much of the nightmare is channeled through him. The principle antagonist, however, in 1984 is shrouded in mystery. Is Big Brother even a real person? In Animal farm Napoleon is a visible antagonist. THere is so much more to this question but I'll stop here.

nah this is really helping me, it would be nice if i could get a bit more :)