About activity of 1984

Do Julia and Winston really love each other?

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Winston and Julia do not have a relationship in the traditional sense. Physically Winston is much older than Julia (around 39). He does not feel attractive. His joints are sore, he has varicose veins and he can barely do the imposed exercises that flash on the telescreens. Julia is young (around 22). She is passionate and attractive. Julia likes Winston because he is against the party. Although they share plenty of "love" time together Julia it is not really a physical attraction for Julia. She likes the rebellion behind the affair. She enjoys breaking the rules with somebody with a similar ideology. Winston, to put it bluntly, enjoys having sex with someone so young and attractive as Julia. She awakens a person, that long seemed dead, inside of him. Although they enjoy "trashing" the party together, Julia's intellect only goes so far. She is more concerned with breaking the rules. Winston is happy to oblige.