1984 questions chapter 1

Chapter I

1.The story begins with the clock chiming 13. This manner of time repeats itself throughout Section One. How does this rendition of time contribute to the mood of the novel?

2.Why does Winston hesitate to write in the journal? How does his initial foray reflect his true emotions/thought?

3.What is the Two Minutes Hate?

4.Who is Goldstein?

5.Who is O'Brien?

6.How is the government portrayed? What is the significance of Big Brother?

7.List the different ministries and tell why their names are ironic.

8.How does Winston's writing of "DOWN WITH BIGBROTHER" contrast with his initial scribbling in the beginning?

9.Who are the Thought Police and what isThought crime?

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2) Writing in the journal is against the law. It's a form of rebellion and a legitimate reason to be nabbed by the Thought Police. Winston's initial foray is somewhat clumsy, but it is significant because in actually writing his thoughts down, he has taken a physical and concrete step in his rebellion.... a step that can be proven.

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