1917 (Film)

What is the main reason for doing this movie? Is their any reason for Sam Mendes to made a movie about this?

I'm doing a work on story use where I want to find out the purpose of producing and filming the film. Was it to entertain, make money, strengthen a certain population? these are just general questions that I would have liked to have been answered.

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Sam Mendes, director and co-writer of 1917, dedicated his film to his grandfather Alfred Mendes, who fought in World War I. In fact, the younger Mendes based the story of the film off the stories his grandfather used to tell him when he was young of his time as a messenger during the war. "It's the story of a messenger who has a message to carry," Mendes said. "And that's all I can say. It lodged with me as a child, this story or this fragment and obviously I've enlarged it significantly. But it has that at its core." In other words, Mendes wanted to create the film in a way that would honor the memory of his grandfather and the stories he told, as well as the veterans of all wars.


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