rappaccini's daughter by nathaniel hawthorne

explain brieftly how three characters in tappaccini's daughter are guility of intellectual pride.

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Dr. Giacomo Rappaccini is an eccentric scientist, regarded with suspicion by his professional colleagues, such as Professor Pietro Baglioni. He cultivates an extraordinarily beautiful garden, and he also has a beautiful daughter, Beatrice Rappaccini. Rappaccini's garden is filled with poisonous plants, and he keeps Beatrice confined to these bizarre gardens as well. Thus, Beatrice herself becomes poisonous herself. Rappaccini is a cold man who sacrifices humanity for intellectual gain.

Professor Pietro Baglioni is a medical professor at Giovanni's university, and he serves as Giovanni's mentor. He warns Giovanni against Dr. Rappaccini and he does not recommend that Giovanni spend time with the family, no matter how beautiful Beatrice is. Baglioni was Giovanni's father's friend as well. His motives are unclear; it is suggested that jealousy or rivalry with Rappaccini cause him to expose Beatrice.