12 Angry Men

write out the unbalanced and balanced equations

1. hydrochloric acid and ammonium hydroxide reacts together forming ammonium chloride and water

2.phosphoric acid and aqueous barium hydroxide react producing solid barium phosphate and water

3.solid mecuric oxide decomposes with heat fomring solid mecury and oxygen gas

4. methanol and oxygen gas react to produce carbon dioxide gas and steam

5. ehtane burns with oxygen gas to give carbon dioxide gas and steam

6. aluminuim metal reacts with plumbous notrate forming lead and aluminuim nitrate

7. when heated lithium hydrogen carbonate forms lithium carbonate water adn carbon dioxide

8. sulfuric acid reacts with soduim hydoixde to form sodium sulfate and water

9. aluminium reacts with ammonium perchorate to form aluminium oxide aluminium chloride nitrogen monooxide and water

10. copper metal is heated in flourine gas yeilding cuprous flouride

11. mecury is heated in chlorine has to give mecuruous chloride

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