12 Angry Men

which juror reveals something very personal family?

who was it? and what did he reveal?

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Juror number three has no doubt that the defendant is absolutely guilty until the play is almost at a close. During Act Three, Juror #3’s loses control of his emotions and reveals his relationship with his own son and notes that it has biased his views. Only when he comes to terms with this can he finally vote “not guilty.”

"Aah. When he was nine years old he ran away from a fight. I saw it; I was so embarrassed I almost threw up. I said, "I'm gonna make a man outa you if I have to break you in two tryin'". And I made a man out of him. When he was sixteen we had a fight. Hit me in the jaw - a big kid. Haven't seen him for two years. Kids... work your heart out..." (From the text)


12 Angry Men