12 Angry Men

What are good questions to ask juror 8 from 12 angry men in an interview

i have to create an interview script using the 12 angry men play. I'm the interviewer and i need some good questions to ask so i can get a high grade please help me guys.

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Juror Eight is the play's protagonist. His vote is the only vote in favor of the defendant's innocence, and he spends the rest of the play butting heads with the others. He's smart, you might want to ask about his education. He's patient, determined, compassionate, and desires justice above all else. You might want to ask if he was certain of the boy's innocence, or simply hadn't been convinced. Juror Eight was also put out by the way the evidence was presented. He was interested in the details, calculated what he believed to be possible or impossible. Most people would ask how he had the strength to hold out against the others..... I would have been disappointed if he hadn't...... but did he ever want to give in? I hope this gave you a few ideas..... good luck!

What made you look at the evidence different than the others?

What verdict were you planning to give when you first walked into the room?