12 Angry Men


Choose one of the following scenarios to write a scene using some of Shakespeare’s language:Write a scene between two friends where one friend tries to persuade the other friend to attend a party that neither friend was invited to. As the friend doing the persuading, give reasons why you and the other friend should go. As the friend being persuaded, give reasons why neither one of you should go.Write a scene between a parent and a teenaged child in which a conflict arises because the child wants to drive to an event out of town with a friend of whom the parent is not fond. As the child, justify why you should be given permission. As the parent, state the reasons why you oppose this.When you create your scene, you must write it in the form of a play: Father: Daughter:Also, you must have at least 10 lines per character and you must incorporate 20 different words from the list of Elizabethan words on the attached assignment

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