12 Angry Men

List 3 ways that #8 convinces the rest of the jurors to change their votes.

3 ways

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He is the only juror who votes “not guilty” at the first vote. He is discontent with the way the trial was handled and wants them to discuss the evidence in greater detail. Met with much opposition, he continues to advocate for the boy. He cites the boy’s troubled upbringing, with his mother dead and his father jailed. 8th Juror surprises the others by presenting an identical knife he had purchased in a pawn shop two blocks from where the boy lived a few nights prior, shattering the claim that the knife was unique and identifiable. The 8th Juror concludes by saying that even if he did hear him say, “I’m gonna kill you,” that very well could be taken out of context as just a figure of speech. With this 5th Juror changes his vote to “not guilty,” and the vote is 9-3 in favor of guilty.