12 Angry Men


what are four pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution that initiall pointed to the 18 year old boy's guilt in the film " 12 Angry Men" ?

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1) Number one, let’s take the old man who lived on the second floor right underneath the room where the murder took place. At ten minutes after twelve on the night of the killing he heard loud noises in the upstairs apartment. He said it sounded like a fight. Then he heard the kid say to his father, “I’m gonna kill you.” A second later he heard a body falling, and he ran to the door of his apartment, looked out, and saw the kid running down the stairs and out of the house.

2) He claimed he was at the movies. That’s a little ridiculous, isn’t it? He couldn’t even remember what pictures he saw.

3) TEN. Look, what about the woman across the street? If her testimony doesn’t prove it, then nothing does.

TWELVE. That’s right. She saw the killing, didn’t she?

4) At fifteen he was in reform school. He stole a car. He’s been arrested for mugging. He was picked up for knife-fighting. I think they said he stabbed somebody in the arm. This is a very fine boy.

5) FOUR (to EIGHT). This knife is a pretty strong piece of evidence, don’t you agree?


12 Angry Men