12 Angry Men

In the opening minutes, what is worrying juror 12?

I'm watching this movie for law class and I have no idea what's going on with all these questions relationg to the movie. These are all the questions and I missed first half of the movie due to being absent. please help!!!

2.  In the opening minutes, what is worrying juror 12?

3.  Juror Ten says, “Well, look, you’ve gotta expect that.  You know what you’re dealing with…”  and later says, “Look at the kind of people they are—you know them.” What is J10 talking about here? What can the reader infer about Juror Ten?

4.  Describe the crime that the jury is deliberating on.

5.  What is the count of guilty—not guilty votes on the first check?

6.  Why does Juror 8 hesitate to vote guilty on the first vote?

7.  What is the prosecution in a criminal trial?

8.  What is the defendant in a criminal trial?

9.  Describe the evidence is against the defendant.

If any of these are known, Please help me out! Thank you.

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12th Juror isn’t even paying attention, doodling an ad idea for his marketing campaign.

*Please submit each of your other questions separately. Thanks!