12 Angry Men

Had the conditions under which the jurors deliberated been hospitable? would the results been different ?

If the jurors were seated in comfortable armchairs in a large, well-cooled, soothingly decorated room would of that changed their discussion

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One of the first thing the jurors comment on is the temperature in the room, which is oppressively hot. It seems that Rose uses this as a device to emphasize the heated discussions going on inside the room. Also, we might think that these men are driven to madness quickly by the heat. In the second act, it begins raining outside, and they are able to turn on the fan, marking a return to reason for many of the jurors. I think that , in the end, the intensity of the heat followed by the cooler weather made for better more intense debate. If they were in a comfortable room they might have debated less and come down with a different verdict.