12 Angry Men

Choose one juror and discuss the scene that caused him to change his vote. Which scene? What happened?

What happpened?

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I like it when Juror 8 finally convinces Juror 3 to change his mind near the end of the play. The 3rd juror is completely driven by his own demons to convict the boy, in place of his own son, with whom he has a troubled relationship. We see the layers of his decision making process peel away in his final monologue. It begins with him chronicling logically the case; however, it quickly becomes clear that he is no longer talking about the defendant. He says, “I can feel the knife goin’ in,” and we see that his personal connection and confusion about the case runs deep. Finally, the demon is named when 8th Juror says, “It’s not your boy. It’s somebody else.” 3rd Juror finally gives in to reason. The play seems to be telling us that if we recognize and name our prejudices, we are able to defeat them, and ultimately do what is right.