12 Angry Men

1. List the discrepancies in the case that were discussed during the jury deliberation.

2. What does the film tell us about the jry system and its role in the American judicial system?

3. Answer the following as if you were the defense attorney in this case:

• What type of person would you have sought for the jury?

• In conducting the voire dire, list 3 questions you would have posed to prospective jurors.

• What would have been your trial plan?

• How would you have cross-examined the witnesses? Give an example of any cross-examination question you might have used for a s pecific witness.

4. How typical was this jury compared to others?

5. Explain the title of the film.

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These are too many questions in one entry. I'll take your original one.

old man's testimony that he saw the boy fleeing may or may not be correct after all.

the fact that the fatal wound was caused by a downward thrust of the knife.

If the woman really say the boy stab his father as her eyesight was poor.