12 Angry Men (1957 film)

When was the time in which the story was written, the cold war, relvent to the central conflict in the stor

The book is The cat's cradle.

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I actually did't know enough about the Cold War and this film but found this. I include the link:

Prejudice is undoubtedly not the only theme of 12 Angry Men which was relevant in the 1950’s. The threat to our democracy was a constant fear in the minds of Americans in the conformist decade of the Cold War. This film shows that shirking civic responsibility can also create a risk to the true democratic ideals on which the United States was based. During the 1950’s it was communism that was seen as the biggest danger to our democracy. Communism was considered demonic and a “real threat to American security”[11] during the Cold War years. Although many Communist Party members had abandoned the Party by the 1950’s, they were still seen as security threat due to their past associations and Senator Joe McCarthy claimed to know a number of Communists who had infiltrated the United States government. Even though the threat was quite exaggerated by this junior Senator from Wisconsin who preyed on that fear to further his own career, Americans were quite concerned about the security of their democratic government. Because there was such alarm regarding the state of our democracy, Rose was able to use this theme within 12 Angry Men to show that communism was not the threat of which American citizens should be concerned, but the real threat to democracy is the people themselves and their lack of civic and social responsibility.