The Overcoat Imagery

The Overcoat Imagery

Life unknown to Bashmachkin

“Akakiy Akakievitch entered the inner room. Before him all at once appeared lights, officials, pipes, and card-tables; and he was bewildered by the sound of rapid conversation rising from all the tables, and the noise of moving chairs.” The hero got used to calm and quiet life, and here the atmosphere of holiday, idleness dreads him in some way. He does not know how to behave, as this is completely unknown to him.

Akakiy’s zeal to work

The author often shows the main hero’s diligence on his job, but this trait, unfortunately, doesn’t help him to become a prominent person. And visualization, imagery help the author to picture the hero’s inner world more vividly and clearly: “It would be difficult to find another man who lived so entirely for his duties. It is not enough to say that Akakiy laboured with zeal: no, he laboured with love. Enjoyment was written on his face: some letters were even favourites with him; and when he encountered these, he smiled, winked, and worked with his lips, till it seemed as though each letter might be read in his face, as his pen traced it.” With this description one can imagine this person sitting somewhere in the corner of the room, gulfed into the work with pleasure.

Akakiy’s rebellion

Gogol shows the rebellion of the main hero: “Then he stamped his foot and raised his voice to such a pitch that it would have frightened even a different man from Akakiy Akakievitch.” For the first time in his life Akakiy Akakievitch decided to stand for himself, for his rights, for his dignity having risen his voice. One can imagine his frightened eyes in this situation.

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