The Overcoat Characters

The Overcoat Character List

Akakiy Akekievitch Bashmatchkin

Akakiy Akekievitch Bashmatchkin, the protagonist of the story is a poor government clerk, living in St. Petersburg. Bashmatchkin’ s job is to copy letters and other documents. He is dedicated to his work, never making a mistake in his copies. Nevertheless, he receives little recognition from his colleagues. On the contrary, due to his meekness and pitiful appearance Akakiy Akakievitch often becomes victim of his coworkers’ mean jokes. A frequent source of their amusement is Bashmatchkin’s shabby coat, that his coworkers refer to as a ‘cape’.


Petrovitch is a drunk tailor who refuses to repair Bashmatchkin’s old coat. Later, he sews for him a beautiful new coat for price, though reasonable, but still high for Bashmatchkin.

Bearded Men

Men who assault Bashmatchkin and steal his new coat.


A man who takes pity on Bashmatchkin and advises him to visit a ‘prominent personage’ in order to help him get back his overcoat.

Prominent Personage

A government officer who thinks he is more important than he really is. Rather than helping people he is much more interested in demonstrating his superiority, or creating the illusion of power. He scolds Bashmatchkin for not following the prescribed procedures and refuses to help. Later he feels remorse, but is it too late, because Bashmatchkin is already dead.

Karolina Ivanovna

A woman of German origin and a lover of the ‘prominent personage’.

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