The Overcoat Metaphors and Similes

The Overcoat Metaphors and Similes

Destined to be a titular councilor (Simile)

From the very his birth Akakiy Akakievitch had no chances to be somebody eminent and great, he was destined to be just one among others. “In this manner he became Akakiy Akakievitch. They christened the child, whereat he wept and made a grimace, as though he foresaw that he was to be a titular councillor.” Using this comparison, the author shows us the inevitability of Akakiy’s fate.

“From that time [after buying the overcoat] forth his existence seemed to become, in some way, fuller, as if he were married…” (Simile)

This comparison helps the author to show the hero’s attachment to his overcoat more vividly. The reader has the impression that this overcoat had become the hero’s friend, his enlivened companion.

Important event (Metaphor)

Is the overcoat is so valuable thing to make heart beat faster? For Bashmachkin it is: “His heart, usually so quiet, began to beat.” Here Gogol shows how important the event was for him. He lived such a gray life that even such a trifle makes him happier.

“And Petersburg was left without Akakiy, as if he has never lived there.” (Metaphor)

Gogol metaphorically highlights Bashmatchkin’s meaning, or rather meaninglessness in this world. In such way he wants to portray those people who are actually nothing for others, who are so undistinguished that nobody even notices their presence or absence in the world.

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