The Heir (The Selection) Summary

The Heir (The Selection) Summary

18-year-old Eadlyn is the heir to the throne of Illea. Post-caste discrimination occurs and there are still many riots. She reluctantly accepts her participation in the Selection.

During a parade, people throw food at Eadlyn and she realizes the country dislikes her. To promote entertainment, she cuts eleven contestants but this only makes people think of her as stuck up and smug. She decides to put more effort into the contestants and goes on dates with them, and kisses Kile. At the same time, there is distrust and unrest amongst the country.

Baden also decides to willingly leave the Selection and accuses Eadlyn of being selfish. Erik comforts her. Eadlyn invites French princess Camille, who is in love with Ahren, which triggers Eadlyn’s jealousy. Eadlyn is also jealous of Camille’s lovable and kind character.

Erik tells her that being herself is more than enough. Erik confesses that he did not participate in the Selection because he believes he is too unimportant for her. Eadlyn suggests to Ahren that he break up with Camille. Ahren decides to ignore her and elope with Camille. He leaves her a letter stating that he felt like she was pushing the responsibility of king onto him and that she uses her power as a weapon. He encourages her to be more kind and open.

Eadlyn is angry and arrives at her parents room to let them know but then she finds pictures of their wedding and how happy and in love they were. She is then informed that her mother has had a heart attack after hearing about Ahren’s elopement. Eadlyn realizes how important love is and declares that she will be marrying someone by the end of the Selection.

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