Stargirl Characters

Stargirl Character List

Leo Borlock

The narrator of the novel. Leo and his friend Kevin have a talk show called “Hot Seat.” This talk show updates the students of Mica High School on what is going on. When it was time for Star Girl to be on the show, Leo says no, and does not let her come because he doesn’t want her to be made fun of. Later, we realize Leo actually falls in love with Star Girl, and he actually wants her to be on the show, so that everyone can see what wonderful and a unique person she is. Leo was the only person that realized the true colors of Star Girl and he is the only one who actually understands her.

Kevin Quinlant

Leo’s best friend. Kevin is very bold and is willing to take big risks. He is the one who has changed Leo’s opinion about Star Girl. It is because of Kevin why Leo finally wanted Star Girl to be on Hot Seat.

Susan Caraway, "Star Girl"

The most unique and the strangest girl at Mica High. Star Girl’s personality is indescribable. She plays the ukele for people’s special occasions, and she makes everyone feel good about themselves. Even though people find her odd and don’t want to be friends with her. she continues to be herself through all of the insults. She is the one that dares to be different. Her real name is Susan, and later Star Girl becomes Susan again because no one wants to be friends with her. People start to like Susan more because she is “normal” and this shows how shallow people are. They only accept the things they are like.

Dori Dilson

Star Girls best friend. Dori is a very supportive friend that also learns to accept Star Girl the way she is.

Archie Hapwood

An older friend of Star Girl, Leo, and Kevin.

Hilari Kimble

A popular cheerleader and an old friend of Star Girl. She is the first person who was brave enough to sit with Star Girl at lunch. Hilari is a girl with whom everyone wishes they were friends with.


Star Girl’s pet rat that actually helps Star Girl with some of her life issues accidentally.

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