Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

Character list

  • Marjane (main character): Marji (short for Marjane) is a strong girl, who follows in her parents' foot steps. Even though Marji's view of the world changes as she grows, from a small little girl to a full grown woman, her feelings on life remain the same and has always been a fighter. She strongly believes in fighting for what you believe in. Sometimes her actions seem rebellious, and they get her into trouble, but this doesn't change her feelings or ambitions.
  • Mrs. Satrapi or Taji (Marji's mother): Taji is a passionate woman, who is upset with the way things are going in Iran, including the elimination of personal freedoms, and violent attacks on innocent people. She actively takes part in her local government by attending many protests.
  • Mr. Satrapi or Ebi (Marji's father): He also takes part in many political protests with Taji. He takes photographs of riots, which was illegal and very dangerous, if you got caught.
  • Marji's Grandmother: Marji's Grandmother develops a close relationship with Marji . She helps comfort Marjane when her father doesn't return from a riot. She enjoys telling Marji stories of her past, and Marjane's Grandfather.
  • Uncle Anoosh: He is a hero in Marjane's eyes. He went to the U.S.S.R. to get married; later he got a divorce. He was imprisoned for nine years after an attempt to re-enter Iran. Anoosh is seen as a hero in Marjane's eyes and develops a close relationship with her right before he is executed.
  • Julie: A friend of Marjane who takes her in when she is kicked out of the Catholic boarding facility in Vienna. Unlike the main character, Marjane, Julie is very open about her sexual encounters and experiences. Julie represents Western society, carrying with her every aspect of it.
  • Kia: One of Marjane's childhood friends who eventually left for America.
  • Siamak and Mohsen: Two friends of Marjane's family who are freed political prisoners. Both were beaten and tortured in prison. They are known as heroes.
  • Mehridia: The maid of Marjane's house. She became friends with Marjane during her childhood. She had a secret relationship with the neighbor boy. She was illiterate, so she had Marjane write love letters to the neighbor boy for her.
  • Mali: Marji's mother's childhood friend whose family got bombed. They ended up staying with the Satrapis for a week.
  • Reza: Marji's husband of 2 years

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